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Dr. Benjamin W Hsu

Smiles on Smiles Dental Care

Upper West Side

Dr. Benjamin W. Hsu DMD FICOI

"Think like an artist, work like an accountant."

-David Brooks, NY Times Columnist

Foremost, I love dentistry.  I feel so blessed to love my work.  Each day I have the opportunity to heal, help, improve, and make the world happier one smile at a time.  Dentistry for me is also like architecture.  The structures, the frames that I work in, the things I build and fix must not only be strong and long lasting, but also aesthetically beautiful.  

Smiles on Smiles Dental Care is a solo private practice in the Upper West Side of New York City.   We have a range of dental services.  Cosmetic Dentistry - Preventative and Proactive Care - Rehabilitation and Reconstruction -Craniofacial and TMD pain Management - Invisalign Aligners - Six Month Smiles Clear Braces - Implant Placement and Restoration - Dentures: Partial and Full - Crowns - Veneers - Aesthetic Smiles Design - Bonding - Extractions - Tek Scan Digital Bite analysis


Dr Sahib Sachdeva

Smiles on Smiles Dental Care

Upper West Side

Dr. Sahib Sachdeva DMD

I cannot imagine doing anything other than dentistry. I am most passionate about having the opportunity to help patients smile brightly and with confidence. I always strive to provide comprehensive dental care in a calm, caring, judgement-free environment while building long term relationships with my patients. I’ve always wanted to be involved in healthcare and found that dentistry balances art and science allowing me to help people while also being creative.

I was born and raised in Michigan and moved to Vermont as a teenager. Growing up I was always fond of hobbies that engage my hands such as sculpting and model building. I majored in biology at the University of Vermont and went to dental school at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston. After dental school I did an Advanced Education in General Dentistry in Cincinnati, OH. Since then I have taken a wide variety of continuing education courses ranging from cosmetics to precise dental surgical techniques.

I enjoy music, movies, trying a variety of foods and restaurants and traveling around the world. In my spare time I like to stay active with snowboarding, martial arts and running.


Clinical Mastery Series - Boston, MA

Ultimate Occlusion 1

Occlusion is the study of the overall bite.  In-depth series.

Clinical Mastery Series - New Jersey

Ultimate Occlusion 2

Second part of occlusion bite study series

Clinical Mastery Series - Seattle, WA

Ultimate Occlusion 3

Third part in a great occlusion series

Clinical Mastery Series - Dallas, TX

Advanced Treatment Planning.  Discussion of complex cases and treatment planning techniques

Clinical Mastery Series - New Jersey

Anterior Aesethetics.  In-depth course in veneers and aesthetics.  

Clinical Mastery Series - Dallas, TX

TMD, Temporomandibular Disorders and Craniofaacial Pain.  A course in treating facial pain and join pain.

Headache and Pain - Rutgers, NJ

Course on differentiating facial pains such as TMJ pain, Migraines, Cluster headaches, and Sinusitis.

ILD Laser Certification

AMD Lasers is a Diode Laser that we use.  It was a course on proper use and safety of this laser for both ourselves and our patients.

3M Mini Implant course

Mini implants were at one point highly used and adopted but have but phased out by the use of narrow implants which offer more durability and flexibility than mini's.

Invisalign Fundamentals

Invisalign is a clear braces orthodontic technique for the movement of teeth that are crowded or shifted

California Implant Institute - San Diego, CA

15 day course on fundamentals and advanced implant techniques for surgical placement as well as restoration.  Very intense course. 

Fellowship certificate - International Congress of Oral Implantology, FICOI

Certificate awarded after completion of the minimum cases and credits for surgical implant placements.

Russo Bone Grafting and Augmentation - Las Vegas, NV

Cadaver course on advanced surgical soft tissue and hard tissue augmentation techniques.

MIS Implants course - Paramus, NJ

MIS is a great implant I have used with my friends and family  This course helped me understand the intricacies of the system

Biocon Surgical and Prosthetics - Boston, MA

Biocon is a novel implant and uses innovative techniques to often acheive a shorter implant with larger platform threads.

MIS MGuide

MGuide is a 3d guided computer guided technique using milled surgical guides to help place implants more accurately.

CPR certification and BLS

Every 2 years, Dr. Benjamin W Hsu must update this certification

DOCS Sedation

New York, NY

Moderate sedation is a sedation technique one step below deep sedation or IV sedation.  This level of sedation requires special training, credentialing, and certifcation.

Tufts TMD Mini-residency

Tufts University provides a 3 part course as a mini residency in treatment of TMJ pain. 

More to come as we refine and add to this section.  Thanks so much

-Benjamin Hsu


Dr. Benjamin W. Hsu DMD FICOI is the dentist and owner of a solo private practice, Smiles on Smiles Dental Care,  in the Upper West Side rated five-stars well over 100 times.  From his patients to his colleagues, he is recognized for his breadth in knowledge not only from clinical aspects, but also material science and the soft skills of dentistry.  This soft skill area is what we believe makes a significant difference in his treatment and care of his patients.  


Dr. Hsu takes his education very seriously. 

The certificates above are 90% clinical courses in dentistry to expand, keep up to date, and grow and refine his skills and his knowledge.  Dr. Hsu is an avid student of personal growth and patient communication, the soft skills of dentistry.  He studies the motivating factors, the barriers to care, how to better deliver empathy and compassion, and even inspire himself and his staff.  He believes great care, not just good care, comes not only from the technical competence of the dentist but also his or her leadership abilities, temperament, humility, and communication skills.  

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