February 23, 2018

Collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork!  

February 7, 2018

The workstations are very important to me as form and function is integral to our efficiency. 

December 23, 2017

Nearly XMas!  Happy Holidays everyone! 

December 15, 2017

Well. Just about 100 days until opening.  The progress has been significant. Rough framing is already up.  The waiting room concept is for the most part finalized.  Each day we get super excited yet super nervous.  

December 13, 2017

Site meeting today. Met with all of the specialists and tradesmen for the project.  Nearly a 4 hour meeting but we caught many mistakes before they happened. 

December 6, 2017

Walking the office. Framing is up! 

December 5, 2017

Performing three person CPR on an infant in this scenario.  It’s late and nearly 8pm after a long days work at the office, but safety and education is always a priority for me. 

December 2, 2017

Making a 3d rendering for the front desk and reception area.  It is very important to me that this area has the right design, color, and feel.  It would like to be inviting and modern.  

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