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Benjamin Hsu - Upper West Side Dentist

Hi, I have decided to change the business name to be "Benjamin Hsu - Smiles on Smiles Dental Care." When I first opened the business I do not think I realized the multitude of dentists with "Smile" or "Smiles" in the their business name. Ultimately our title was meant to be two fold. Foremost, it was smiles promoting smiles. I think of it as a ripple effect. It has been 18 months now and that has taken hold. I find that our strongest growth is not from advertising (which we do not do) but from good ol' word of mouth; do good work and they will come. I am very proud of that. Our patient base has grown to nearly 1,200 patients in just this short time and I am happy to say we have done it while still providing "high touch" care for our patients, being attentive and listening and catering treatment to the individual person. Thank you Upper West Side and New York City for helping make this practice possible and supporting us through our beginnings. We look forward to many years to come!

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