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Single Central Incisor Restoration

Hi. I worked with Tiffany in this case when we noticed a bump above her discolored tooth. Ultimately we needed to place a crown on this tooth to help save it and we did so by only restoring one of the two front central teeth. You can see we got great results with this conservative approach, typically two crowns are done to get a perfect match. With high resolution photography and great communication with our lab we were able to achieve a beautiful result and a very happy patient! --Dr. Benjamin W Hsu, Upper West Side, Smiles on Smiles Dental Care

Above you can see in the natural light the crown blends perfectly with the rest of her smile.

At closer view you can see that the two front teeth are symmetrical even though one is a fake cover called a crown. We used a local lab with a ceramist we have a strong relationship with to create beautiful results!

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