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Thoughts of being a dentist in the Upper West Side Dentist, Dr. Benjamin W Hsu

It's been great serving the community as a dentist in the Upper West Side. I have noticed in the Upper West Side that the needs of dentistry vary across wide demographics but mostly on the extremes: our older and our younger population. Much of the community has found it difficult to fine comprehensive care for their elderly loved ones. We have been struggling to find plans and ways to support these patients that support our business model of quality care yet also provide access to care in an affordable way for our Upper West Side patients.

Consultations credited towards treatment. We have been implementing for our Upper West Side community at Smiles on Smiles Dental Care a discount consultation fee of $95 (from our original $175) that can be credit towards treatment. This consultation often includes a discussion with Dr. Hsu, a diagnostic image such as an X-ray if needed, and ultimately a plan. Along with this our financial manager Amy Wu and clinical manager Cynthia Tavarez often find ways to provide no interest payment planning as well as sequencing treatment so that it can be done in progression and afforded in a cost effected manner for our patients.

Thank you all for welcoming us to the community and it has been our honor to serve here.

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